ProSocks y ProShields

Innovation at your feet.
Discover the last technological revolution in socks and shin guards.


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Interior anatomical pocket to accommodate the ProShields.

It improves the grip by 200% thanks to the silicone in the sole.

Reduces the risk of injury by 29%.

Increases muscle oxygenation by 25%.

Accelerates muscle recovery by 13%.


Compression, performance and recovery.


90% polyamide, 8% elastane and 2% silicone.


Protective layer of elastomeric polymers for maximum strength. Developed by Line-X.

Printed in 3D with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, to achieve minimum thickness and weight.

Application of technology developed for fields such as defense, aeronautics and medicine.


Anatomical, light and indestructible.


67% Line-X XS350 y 33% polyamide PA12

About us

Carlos Barrigüete

About us

We are a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sports and health sciences sector, focused on improving the performance of soccer players around the world.

Carlos Barrigüete, CEO of the company, is an expert in the field of medical technology and a specialist in the treatment with growth factors. His extensive training in the study of stem cells has allowed us to know in depth the functioning of muscle and bone tissue and find a way to promote recovery.

Our goal is to ensure that athletes of any level and discipline can compete to the fullest for longer, increasing their safety during sports. And we make it possible by providing them with technological tools that adapt to their body and their needs and help them play more and better.

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